NEWS: Version 5.04 is released. This is a bug fix release of 5.03. You don't have to upgrade to 5.04 unless you have trouble with 5.03 or earlier.

Extipl is an OS boot selector. It can select which OS in a hard disk is booted (Japanese webpage).
The advantages are:

System Requirements

You need Linux, *BSD, Windows, or MS-DOS to install Extended-IPL.


The latest version is 5.04 released on March 26, 2002. You can download Extended-IPL from Please read carefully the manual before install it.


Aside from this homepage, extipl is distributed in the following way.
Debian/GNU Linux
A package containing ver. 5.04 is distributed at
Version 5.01 is included in packages of FreeBSD as sysutils/extipl.


T. Kimura and R. Matsumoto thank Mr. Taketoshi Sano <kgh12351 at> for making the Debian/GNU package, and registering it. He also motivated us for making extipl installable from Linux/FreeBSD and spent long time on checking the program code and the documentation.
We also thank Nobumasa Takayasu for informing how to boot Windows in the second harddisk, testing extipl in a very dengerous way, and reporting many bugs.
We also thank friends in for supporting our activity.

Revision History

Version 5.04, March 26, 2002:
Version 5.03, July 18, 2001:
Fixed an error in src/Makefile.
Version 5.02, July 3, 2001:
Version 5.01, January 7, 2001:
The BIOS identifier of a hard disk is swapped only if the selected partition is DOS or Windows.
Version 5.00, December 22, 2000:
Changed the copyright to GPL.
LBA access was supported.
Treated the partition ID 0x0f as an extended partition.
Visual user interface added.
Documentation updated.
Version 4.22, June 16, 1999:
Changed the copyright and enabled binary-only distribution.
Version 4.21, May 12, 1999:
English documentations updated.
Man page added.
Version 4.20, April 5, 1999:
Can boot an OS in a Linux or DOS extended partition.
Can be compiled and installed with Linux and FreeBSD.
Enables DR-DOS password function.
Includes an example that can do LBA access.
Version 4.10, October 27, 1998:
A bug in the "restore" command is fixed.
Version 4.00, October 23, 1998:
Change the development environment from Borland C to LSI-C and DR-DOS.
Version 3.00, October 25, 1997:
Can boot an OS in third or later HD.
English documentation.
Released in the Web.
Provide example codes and documentation for how Extended-IPL works.
Version 2.00, March 22,1993:
Separate the MBR code and the MINIX specific loader. The latter was released as "MXboot".
Version 1.00, June 29, 1991, released as MXboot:
Released as a boot selector for different versions of MINIX.
Can boot an OS in the second harddisk.

Other boot selectors and relevant links

Feel free to send comments, suggestions, etc. to extipl at

April 9, 2002, Ryutaroh Matsumoto